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We have both Chinese and western-style restaurants of 11 boxes with various styles, which can serve one thousand people at the same time. The Chinese delicacies are mainly high-end private cuisines combining bird's nest, abalone and shark's fin, Hong Kong and Macao dishes, Sichuan and Hunan dishes, Guangdong snacks and Hangzhou cuisines. Besides, the hotel mixes various styles such as French cuisine, Japanese teppanyaki, Southeast Asian dishes and western dessert, and forms a specific Tiandu style. Reservation Tel: 0571-89179777.
  • Box (Paris Hall)

    The Paris Hall is full of French luxury style. Equipped with luxury receiving hall, it brings distinguished experience fo…[Details]

    Hours:Lunch 11:00—13:30 Dinner 17:00—20:30
  • Hokkaido Restaurant

    Dining in Hokkaido Restaurant is like watching a wonderful show: the finest ingredients, served with skilled technique, r…[Details]

    Hours:Lunch 11:30—13:30 Dinner 17:30—20:30
  • Provence Cafe

    Like being in the romantic lavender hometown- Provence, you will enjoy a beautiful morning in the elegant and comfortable…[Details]

    Hours:7:00-2:00 next day
  • Banquet Hall

    Being able to accommodate 500 people, the luxury banquet hall is the best place for holding large receptions or wedding b…[Details]

    Hours:Lunch 11:30—13:30 Dinner 17:30—20:30
  • Tiandu Hall

    Tiandu Hall serves Chinese food and beverage. With elegant style and comfortable environment, the restaurant’s featured …[Details]

    Hours: Lunch 11:00—13:30 Dinner 17:00—20:30