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Five star review, we determined!

发布时间:2016/9/13 10:01:08

In 2016, the Tianduchenghotel ushere in the second five-star hotel review. It is not just a test for hotel opening for ten years , but also a good opportunity to improve the quality of hotel service and quailty! For five-star hotel review, the hotel held the 2016 five star review mobilization meetingin the morning of July 12, the hotel leadership and all staffs attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided by hotel, deputy general manager ms GuYijing. Her introduce the situation from three parts, the hardware madification, software upgrade, and reception work. She said the five-star review is closely related to each employee. And she also emphasizes the department head must strengthen layer upon layer of staff training and quality inspection, to ensure that passed the inspection!

At last, hotel general manager Ms. Jiang Jie make concluding remarks and expounds the important meaning of the five star review and action. She stressed the review work time and heavy task, request all staff unified thought, positive action, and strengthen the service consciousness, improve service standards, used to go to work. Just working hard and pass the five-star review.

Five-star review is not a person and a division of tasks, it needs all staffs' positive response. This mobilization meeting, in order to further strengthen the five-star audit work, which plays an important role in condensed combat effectiveness of the whole.